I am interested in the impact of rapid evolution on ecology, including population ecology, community ecology, and ecosystem ecology. I focus on the evolutionary impacts of fisheries and dams.


My 5 years of working with state, federal, and non-profit conservation organizations has given me a strong interest in conducting applied research. This means identifying environmental issues and working with stakeholders to find solutions which sustain ecosystem processes and allow continued utilization of natural resources. For my masters thesis, I used optimization modeling to propose a multi-species management plan for a large dam in California which supplies water for agriculture and cities.


I am a strong believer in using cutting-edge technologies to address environmental issues. Identifying dynamics of drift invertebrate in large rivers is a challenging task with conventional nets, so I participated in a collaboration which used camera technology to continuously image river flow. I developed a machine learning pipeline to process the resulting image data and built a user-friendly interface for non-programmers to analyze data.